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Happy (almost) Spring!


The Seniors had a very fun and eventful month of February.  Between Father’s Breakfast, the 100th day of school and Valentine’s Day, the Seniors had plenty to look forward to during the month.


In Language Arts, we continued the theme of Ocean Life.  The favorite story in this unit was a true story about Humphrey the whale.  Humphrey lost his pod in the San Francisco Bay and ended up swimming up a river.  This story described Humphrey’s journey and how humans helped to save him. These Seniors were on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear if Humphrey would turn around and swim back to the ocean!  The discussions during and after this story brought about many questions, predictions and clarifications to further comprehension of the story.


The Seniors have also been working extremely hard on reading fluency.  We have learned over 60 sight words and are working on more complicated long vowel patterns and consonant blends.  Each and every Seniors’ reading is exploding and confidence skyrocketing as they become more fluent readers.


The chapters in Math this month concentrated on numbers to 100 and shapes.  The Seniors explored both flat and solid shapes, using the correct vocabulary to describe them.  We also worked on creating larger numbers using tens and ones. Finally, we compared sets of numbers, describing them as greater, less, more or fewer.  


We are moving along in our Project work as well as we learn all about the mail system.  We have begun our construction of our classroom post office.  We painted boxes white and blue and will be adding details to create a mail truck and mailbox.  The representational drawings we created of these items will help the Seniors notice the details and make accurate models for our post office.  


I can’t believe we are heading into the final trimester of the school year!  We are working hard in Senior Kindergarten to get ready for First Grade!



Kristen Masiel

Senior Kindergarten Teacher

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