SK update Jan

Happy New Year!


It’s been a fun first week back after Winter Break.  The Seniors definitely missed their friends and were happy to reunite last week.  Although we are in the dead of winter, many exciting events are on the horizon in Senior Kindergarten!


During the month of December, the Seniors worked on blending sounds to read words.  We have discussed all letter sounds including short vowels. Many Seniors’ reading is taking off!  They are reading more challenging words and beginning to incorporate long vowel patterns and blends when they sound out longer words.  We have also learned 54 sight words! The class enjoys reading these words and making up sentences using a sight word. This knowledge has helped SK writing skills too.  The Seniors continue to practice stretching out words to write the sounds they hear while remembering spaces between words and ending punctuation.

We have been working on both two- and three-dimensional shapes during Math.  The class can confidently identify shapes and name the number of sides and corners.  We also discussed the faces on three-dimensional shapes and named real-life objects that remind us of the shapes.  This month, we will move onto learning about numbers to 100, including counting by 2s, 5s and 10s.


Our Project work about community helpers has been very exciting for the Seniors.  We enjoyed visits by community experts and are beginning to narrow our Project to a study of the post office.  We will be interviewing a letter carrier and exploring how mail gets to our house.


We look forward to the upcoming events on the 100th day, Father’s Breakfast and Valentine’s Day all next month!



Kristen Masiel

Senior Kindergarten Teacher

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