SK Update 9.8

It has been an amazing and FUN first few weeks of Senior Kindergarten.  The Seniors have quickly learned the new routines and expectations of SK.  I am so proud of their hard work!

Our first unit in Open Court Language Arts is all about the Red, White and Blue.  The Seniors were introduced to American symbols during a unit last year in JK.  In SK, we dive deeper into concepts such as democracy, voting and the American symbols.  Our first big book story, Patriotism, emphasized the comprehension strategies of asking questions, making connections, main ideas and details.  This unit also works on consonant and vowel sounds, identifying them in the beginning, middle and ending of words.  We have also worked on capitalization in sentences including the first letter, names and the sight word, I.

Math in Focus: Singapore Math curriculum began with numbers zero through five.  The Seniors have practiced counting and writing numbers using proper formation.  We have discussed similarities and differences while sorting one- and two-attributes.  

Writing also takes great importance in Senior Kindergarten.  Through the Lucy Calkins writing curriculum, the Seniors have written and illustrated one piece so far working on adding details and revising their work.  Our motto is…“when we are done, we have just begun.”  Writers are always revising or creating new work.

I can’t wait to see where the year takes us and watch the growth in each Senior!


Kristen Masiel

Senior Kindergarten Teacher

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