SK update 4.1

It was a good, lucky month for the Senior Kindergarten class!  We celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss with fun activities and snacks with our Junior Kindergarten friends.  The Seniors also enjoyed exploring rainbows, leprechauns and shamrocks.


Language Arts this month involved lots of reading of decodable books. The Seniors are more and more confident to sound out words independently.  We are working on longer and harder words by sounding out words in syllable chunks. Reading and writing go hand and in hand so Senior Kindergarten writing continues to grow tremendously as well.  We have learned to add speech bubbles in our writing and how to edit writing. Next, we will be writing “how to” books!

Math chapters in March included comparing sets and ordinal numbers.  Seniors used a number train to add sets together and described which was most and fewest.  We also used the terms first, next and last to sequence events as well as describing our first, second and third choice of items.

We continue to make progress on our garden project.  We have made our own idea webs, brainstormed a list of experts and used research skills to explore books on gardens.  We are looking forward to some warmer, nicer weather to get finally get our hands dirty and work in the garden!

We are looking forward to the final weeks of Senior Kindergarten and preparing to be First Graders!


Kristen Masiel

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