SK update 3.1

February was a fun month in Senior Kindergarten.  The excitement of Fathers’ Breakfast, the 100th day of school and Valentine’s Day gave us a lot to anticipate.  The Seniors LOVED making valentines for friends, teachers and parents and had a wonderful party thrown by the room parents.  We also enjoyed inviting our dads to Fathers’ Breakfast.  The Seniors caught and ate pancakes, shot baskets and played games with Dad centered on the number 100 as we also celebrated the 100th day of school!  Wow!  It was a busy month!

We completed the SK Language Arts unit about Oceans and progressed to a First Grade level unit about Animals.  We continue to work on blending sounds to read words, using comprehension strategies to enhance story understanding and writing sentences.  The Seniors are quickly becoming more and more independent readers as they attempt more complicated words including ones with blends and long vowel sounds.  Writing is also progressing as we work on writing complete sentences using a capital letter, correct spacing and punctuation.  The Seniors are very proud of the real-life stories they have been composing during writing workshop.

In Math, the Seniors worked with numbers 0-100.  We spent a lot of time counting cubes by 10s, using the place value vocabulary such as tens and ones and relating it to “towers” and “extra cubes.”  The next chapter focuses on comparing numbers to determine how many more.  We use words such as greater, fewer, more, and less to describe sets of numbers.

Our second Project work has begun with our Junior Kindergarten partners.  We are continuing to work on the garden outside the classroom window.  As a group, we webbed ideas of items needed for our garden.  Students were then divided into groups to create their own garden idea webs using both pictures and words.  Both Juniors and Seniors worked very hard to think of lots of ideas and sound words out on their own.

We are looking forward to the warmer Spring weather and the discussion of Spring Break travels when we return in April!

Kristen Masiel
Senior Kindergarten Teacher

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