SK update 12.1

Happy holiday season from Senior Kindergarten!

The SK class had a wonderful month of growth and learning in November.  The progress, especially in reading, is evident every day as the students become more fluent in sounding out new words and recognizing more sight words.  We also began weekly HOMEWORK!  They could not have been more excited to get their first homework folder.  We will increase the homework frequency as we get closer to First Grade during the third trimester.

During Language Arts this month, the Seniors worked on isolating individual phonemes in words, as well as changing ending sounds to create new words.  A favorite game was to look at a picture with three phonemes such as DOG and then state the beginning, middle and ending sound individually for classmates to guess the picture.  We also continued the theme of Teamwork, reading big book stories such as Swimmy to highlight this concept.  Discussions following the story centered on comparing similarities and differences between the characters to strengthen comprehension.  

The Math chapters this month focused on composing and decomposing numbers to 10 as well as size and position.  The Seniors practiced counting one more and using the vocabulary in all, fewer and greater.  We also worked with big/small things, capacity or does it fit, position words and before/after.  

It’s been a great month!  We are looking forward to the excitement of the holidays and all the fun happenings at Rohan Woods!



Kristen Masiel

Senior Kindergarten Teacher


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