SK update 10.2

What a fun and busy September it has been in Senior Kindergarten!  The class is comfortable and confident in the new routines and thriving in the more challenging curriculum.


In Language Arts, we continued learning about the Red, White and Blue.  The Seniors explored various American symbols such as the Liberty Bell, White House, Washington Monument, bald eagle and the flag.  Noticing these symbols on puzzles, books and even the entry to the school has been a favorite activity of the class.  Through our reading of Hats Off for the Fourth of July, we practiced the reading comprehension skills of visualization, predicting and understanding new vocabulary.  This story helped us visualize a parade and various Fourth of July celebrations.  It’s predictable text and illustrations encouraged making predictions for what comes next in the parade.  Language Arts lessons have also focused on letter sounds, sounding out simple words and reading decodable books.  We are practicing listening to beginning, middle and ending sounds of words and blending those sounds to make a word.

Our Singapore Math lessons concentrated on numbers 0-8 in September.  The Seniors use manipulatives to create matching towers and also towers with greater or less cubes than a model.  We have played dice games to reinforce numbers and number line concepts.  We also continue to practice number formation, always starting from the top and without reversals.

The Seniors also continue to work on their writing skills, adding details to their work and stretching out sounds to write words in their journals.  The Seniors are committed to the writing workshop motto, “Once you are done, you’ve just begun.”  The writing process always continues whether you are adding details to an existing piece or beginning a new one.  

We also already looking forward to the excitement of October…fire safety week, changing weather and of course, HALLOWEEN!


Kristen Masiel

Senior Kindergarten Teacher

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