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Happy New Year from Senior Kindergarten!

The Seniors were thrilled to be back at school and to change the calendar to January 2018!  We’ve heard stories of travel adventures, new toys and even new baby sisters!

During the month of December, the class completed the Language Arts unit about Teamwork.  We read both fiction and non-fiction big book stories and poems to emphasize the concept for working together while practicing comprehension strategies such as visualizing, prediction and making connections.  Through games and activities, the Seniors worked on isolating letter sounds as well as blending sounds to read words.  The Seniors are also adding more and more sight words to the word wall every week.  So far, the class has learned to read over 50 sight words!  


Chapter 6 in Singapore Math focused on numbers to 20.  The Seniors worked with ten frames to express the number 10 then add on more to make numbers to 20.  A favorite activity was listening to coins drop in a bucket and putting a counter on a ten frame to help count the coins in the bucket.  The Seniors also enjoyed working with a partner to create a number of ten-frames to let their partner name the number without counting.  


Finally, the Seniors shared their published instructional books with their Fourth Grade buddies.  Fourth Grade friends rotated throughout the classroom, listening to each Senior read their book.  


It was a wonderful 2017 in Senior Kindergarten.  We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!!



Kristen Masiel

Senior Kindergarten Teacher

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