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Happy Earth Day!!  The Seniors had such a great time sharing their robots with the class and reading their narratives with each other.  Thank you for helping your children create these amazing robots, using only recyclable materials!

In Reading, the Seniors have been learning about animals.  They have categorized animals by size and strength.  The class also learned about what various animals eat.

Students are…

  • Remembering their finger spacing without reminders
  • Distinguishing punctuation marks correctly
  • Working on blends
  • Reading a story called, Munch Crunch, all about the foods animals eat.  They learned that some animals are herbivores, some are carnivores, and some omnivores. 
  • Learning long vowel word patterns

In Math, students are…

  • Learning how to sequence events
  • Using terms first, next, and last to sequence events
  • Beginning to learn about money

In Social Studies, the students have been…

  • Reading about community helpers
  • Using technology to help support this theme
  • Learning about recycling and conservation
  • Celebrating Earth Day!!


Monday is Library Day.  Please return your library books this day.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Kelly Weyand


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