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The Seniors have had a great two weeks and are eager for Spring Break!  We had a super St. Patrick's Day and participated in many fun activities!

The Seniors came into school on March 17th to discover that a leprechaun had visited our classroom.  Chairs were flipped over, the rocking chair was upside down, there was green glitter everywhere, and even leprechaun footprints.  That lead us to reading the story, The Leprechaun Trap.  Following the story, the class worked together to design and construct leprechaun traps of their own.  The PK and JK classes even came in to join in the fun!  Although we never actually caught the clever leprechaun, he did see our traps and drop gold and green coins around the room for us to keep!

In Math, the students are…

  • Beginning the next chapter about numbers to 100
  • Counting by twos
  • Counting by fives
  • Counting by tens
  • Recognizing numbers 20-49
  • Investigating numbers 50-79
  • Discovering numbers 80-100
  • Went on a coin matching hunt with numbers up to 30.  The Seniors were given a coin with a single or double digit, and then had find the hidden matching coins with the same number of dots.


Spring Break is from March 19th-April 3rd.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!


Kelly Weyand

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