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Happy March!  The Seniors are looking forward to Spring Break and celebrating many St. Pat's Day activities before departing for Break.

The Seniors have begun the reading unit- Let's Read.  The Seniors will focus on poems/rhyming in this unit.  They will also begin to learn long vowel sound rules.  The children are also celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday on March 2nd, and will be reading many Dr. Seuss books, while participating in various Dr. Seuss activities.

In Math, the Seniors finished up the unit all about flat and solid shapes.  They have started a new unit about numbers 1-100.  They will explore numbers through 100 with concrete models, and learn to count by tens and use groups of tens and ones to represent greater numbers.  The students will begin to understand two-digit numbers and compare their magnitudes.  They will discover patterns within the hundred chart and practice counting skills.

In Social Studies, the students are focusing on community helpers, as this is their chosen project for the year.  The class has been brainstorming about what it means for community helpers to make our environment a place that provides function, necessity and teamwork.  The students will be challenged to study, evaluate, discuss and demonstrate simple knowledge of a community member that might have helped them or one they might want to become in the future.  What are the differences in them?  Do some of them work together?  How do people in a community choose their jobs as adults?  Are there many ways that this can come about for various people?  We are excited about continuing this project.

Have a marvelous March!



Kelly Hennelly


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