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Thanks to all the dads for coming to Fathers' Breakfast!  We appreciate your time and the students had a blast!  We hope the pancakes were delicious!  

In Reading, the Seniors are…

  • Identifying and applying middle vowel sounds to simple and more complex, two-syllable words
  • Blending sounds to decode words
  • Finishing up the unit- By the Sea
  • Beginning the reading unit- Let's Read
  • Figuring out that words are made up of letters and sentences are made up of words

In Math, the Seniors are…

  • Identifying shapes, both one-dimensional and two-dimensional
  • Arranging shapes in different ways and sizes
  • Classifying items by position


  • Bring your V-Day shoe box if you have not already done so!  Thank you in advance!  
  • The Valentine's Day party is on Friday, Feb. 12th, at 8:00 am.
  • Library Day is on Monday…please remember to return your library books.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Kelly Weyand

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