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Happy Summer!  Congrats on a fabulous Senior Kindergarten year!  The students are well prepared for First Grade.  I will miss having them in my class dearly!

Knowing that students are now busy in the evenings with ball practices, games, and enjoying the beautiful evenings with family, I wanted to make some suggestions for the summer!

☺ It is important to read each evening. The books we read at school and your child’s personal favorites would be great to take to a sibling’s practice or game. Your child should read to you or other siblings.

☺ Your child should continue practicing counting to 100 by ones, tens, and fives. This is a great car activity. Also, practice counting on from a given number (ex. have your child count on from 54).

☺ Many students are working on mastering counting pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters to 25 cents. The first step is to be sure that your child can identify the name and value of each coin. Putting a few coins in a plastic bag can be used at a restaurant, game, or anywhere you have a spare minute. The practice will help!

☺ Writing skills are soaring! We continue to practice writing at least two related sentences.  At home, have your child write about a favorite outing or game.  He or she should try to focus on spelling the sight words correctly. 

Thank you for helping me to continue to make the best use of each day before the school year ends.

The students wrapped up their Language Arts unit about animals and continued practice in blends such as th, sh, ch, etc. would be great. 

In Math, we were super busy!  We worked on measurement and money most recently.  The students are able to identify coins and their values.  I'm very proud of them! 

Have a fabulous, relaxing summer!


Kelly Hennelly

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