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Happy Spring, everyone!  It sounds like the Seniors all had a fantastic and relaxing break!  We are eager to finish the SK year out strong these last two months, preparing to be First Graders!

In Reading, the class is wrapping up the Let's Read unit, and will begin a new language arts unit all about animals!  This is always a class favorite, as it is of such high interest for Kindergartners.  The class is continuing to work on long vowel patterns, in addition to consonant digraphs such as /th/, /sh/, /ch/, /wh/, /sl/, /tr/, etc.

In Math, the students completed Chapter 8- numbers through 100.  They have begun Chapter 9- Comparing Sets.  Through one-to-one correspondence activities, children will learn how much more or less one number is than another.  These concepts will pave the way to an understanding of addition and subtraction.  The number train that will be introduced, is a version of a powerful mathematical model that children will see for many years in their study of math.  The number train only shows a limited range of numbers this year, but each year after, the students will add to it, extending it to the thousands, fractions, decimals, etc.  Some important vocabulary words include: fewer, less, more, most, and fewest.

In Social Studies, the students will study recycling, conservation, etc. for Earth Day.  They will have a special Earth Day homework project to make robots out of only recyclable materials.  More information will be sent via Bloomz or email soon.

The Seniors' project for the year about community helpers is making great progress.  The most recent activity the students participated in was to make community maps including all the places we feel a community needs to be successful.  Maps were created in various ways- some 3-dimensional, some using extra paper to glue on, etc.  We have quite the creative class!

Lastly, the students will partake in many fun Spring-related activities that will support concepts and skills we are currently working on.

Happy April!


Kelly Hennelly

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