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Wow!  The year sure has flown by quickly!  It seems not too long ago that your children were coming into Senior Kindergarten for the first day of school.  The Seniors have come a long way!  As parents, I am sure you feel very proud of your children and are eager to see their growth further develop in First Grade and in the years to come!  They are all very prepared for First Grade and I know they will do wonderfully!  This class has been such an amazing group with such an array of unique talents and skills. 

The Seniors were very busy this week!  They were great audience members for the 6th graders’ graduation ceremony.  It was such a wonderful opportunity for the children to see the 6th graders give their speeches at their special ceremony!

If you received a library notice with overdue library books, please return those as soon as possible to avoid any fees!

I wish everyone the best of luck next year!  I hope that you have a wonderful, relaxing and fun-filled summer!  Keep reading to and with your children, exploring nature, and reinforcing math skills through everyday activities!  

Thank you for a great year and for being such amazing and supportive parents!

Happy Summer!


Kelly Weyand



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