Sixth Grade Update

Sixth Graders have been exploring and investigating in all subjects recently.  As we finished reading Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library, the students used their recent study of geometry to replicate the holograms in the story.  Students created the visual trick using transparency paper, tape and images they made on their iPads.  Students are currently finishing their representations of the library on large paper.

  • In Math, students learned about unit rate and proportions through a serving size and recipe investigation 
  • In Reading, students are working on closure activities for the book
  • In Language Arts, students are putting finish touches on letters to businesses
  • Students have written the scripts and recorded the next edition of the RWS Report

See below for upcoming events to mark on your calendar:


  • Tuesday, March 8 – Fifth/Sixth Grade Spelling Bee
  • Thursday, March 10 – Crossroads Drama Club visit
  • Monday, March 14 – Pi Day!
  • Thursday, March 17 – St. Patrick's Day Spirit Day (wear green)

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