Sixth Grade Update

The Sixth Graders are currently using learned skills in the geometry unit to produce drawings.  Working in teams, they created a set of parallel lines intersected by a transversal line.  They properly identified, defined and labeled various angles created by the intersecting lines. 
In a separate project the students are working together to create a drawing of what they imagine the library looks like as described in Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library.  The three groups are drawing the exterior, the entrance area and the map of the library.  They will be working on these drawing occasionally for the next month while reading the book.

Please note the following upcoming events:

  • Leadership Meeting with Mrs. Page, Jan. 28
  • January Goal reflection, Jan. 29
  • Spirit Day – PJ Day, Jan. 29
  • Early Dismissal, Feb. 3
  • Fathers' Breakfast, Feb. 4

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