September P.E. update

Pre-School and Kindergarten are working on throwing games. 

1st through 6th grade are practicing their soccer skills leading up to lunch leagues and after school sports. 

Rohan Woods P.E. is off to an amazing start! Students in EC, PK, JK and SK have been working on boundary games, spatial awareness and music and movement. We've also been introducing the different locomotor movements like skipping, hopping, galloping, sideways, jumping and hopping. We're setting the tone for a safe and fun environment for the gym!

1st through 6th grade had a wonderful month of team building activities to get them used to working with their classmates in cooperative game situations. We're also beginning our soccer unit and playing lead up games and practicing skills to help our students in our lunch leagues and after school sports. We're emphasising good sportsmanship, respect and hard work in our P.E. classes!

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