September 2016

Students have been very busy in science class at Rohan Woods….


  • learned about acids/bases, what plants need to grow, and the primary/secondary colors by reading books from the Quirkles book series


  • learned about what animals need to survive
  • learned about what plants need and planted seeds to observe this
  • studied the main parts of a plant
  • observing mealworms to study life cycle

1st Grade

  • experimented with scientific tools
  • observed different mixtures and experimented with the best way to separate them
  • investigated soil and found it is a mixture
  • discovered the different items that make up soil

2nd Grade

  • started study of native prairie habitats by traveling to Litzsinger Road Ecology Center
  • discovered why native habitats are important and where we will put ours
  • investigated seeds and their parts
  • experimented with the parts of the plant and learned the jobs of each part
  • learned what photosynthesis is

3rd Grade

  • planted the first phase of the RWS native prairie habitat
  • learned the three main metric units
  • completed estimating and measuring mass lab
  • experimented with volume during the volume lab
  • discovered the meaning of water displacement

4th Grade

  • learned about and experimented with reflection and refraction
  • compared the size of the different planets and created a visual
  • investigated the different characteristics of the planets
  • experimented with the distance the planets are from one another

Middle School

  • returned from hands on marine biology trip to Canada
  • prepared presentations about what they learned while in Canada

Garden News

  • The Third Grade recently planted the first installment of the RWS native prairie habitat.
  • Whole Foods donated eight blueberry bushes to our garden.  Students have planted them and are eagerly awaiting having blueberries next season.
  • The Second Grade planted the seeds of our winter garden.
  • Most summer crops were cleared from the garden.
  • All grades planted radish seeds.

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