September 2016

We are excited to be back in the classroom after learning adventures at Marine Biology Camp in Canada.  The students enjoyed the hands-on learning and have returned to lessons while having opportunities to reflect and share what then learned.  The whole class met and has decided on the focus for our project this year.  They are very excited to begin their research in their quest to make a difference in our school and for the earth.


We have been reading Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O'Dell. The students are amazed at Karana's resourcefulness as she learns to survive on the island.  We are doing a word study as we progress through the book.  Daily discussions are held about plot development and setting.  Students complete an assessment every five chapters.

During September, the students completed the Unit 1 assessment on numbers, relationships and value.  We have begun Unit 2 and exploring relationship of numbers related to multiplication and division.  

Mrs. Broll

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