Senior Kindergarten (SK) Weekly Update

Thank you to everyone who could help out at the Halloween parade and party! The Seniors had so much fun that day!  A special thanks to our head room mom, who made the party so amazing! October was an exciting month with all the festivities, but now, we are eager to move onto November and await Thanksgiving and cooler temperatures.

In Reading, the Seniors are working on…

Identifying beginning and ending sounds

Identifying short vowels

Practicing sight words (the November sight words will be sent home next week)  ***Please remember to practice the Sept. and Oct. sight words every day if you can!

Recognizing patterns in word families

Focusing on our Language Arts theme- Teamwork

Read the story- Swimmy, a story about a fish who teaches his school of fish to work together to outsmart the bigger fish to keep from being eaten

In Math, the class is working…

Composing and decomposing 5

Counting and ordering up to 10

Same numbers and more

Fewer than

How many in all?               

Some extra fun projects the Seniors will be working on include…

Fall projects

Thanksgiving activities, stories, projects


Library Class is on Monday, remember your books!

Star of the Week resumes this Monday.

Veteran’s Day Assembly- Monday morning. Your children should wear red, white, and blue, and it is an Image Day. On Image Days, the students should dress nicely, but tennis shoes should be worn because of PE and Recess.

Open House is Sat. Nov. 14th.

Have a great weekend!


Kelly Weyand

Senior Kindergarten Teacher

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