Senior Kindergarten News

Excerpts from the SK Newsletter

Language Arts
The Seniors learned all about the Open Court Language Arts curriculum. We are excited to be getting new books and materials this year! We started by playing lots of fun games to work on beginning sounds and rhyming words. Here’s an example: the word is “tan” change the beginning sounds to /p/. What’s the new
word? “pan” This is a fun one to play in the car!


We started the first book in our Math in Focus curriculum. The first chapter discusses same/different and numbers 1-5. We are focusing on proper number formation and following teacher directions in our math books.

Project and Math Centers

Project time will take place with the Junior Kindergarten class. We will meet twice a week for 30 minutes each. During this first trimester, we will focus on Executive Functioning skills for young children. This will involve a lesson on a skill plus time to practice the skill through play time. We used Math Center time this week to learn about the classroom. We played a classroom scavenger hunt bingo to locate the supplies throughout the classroom and our desks.

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