Second Grade Weekly Update

The Second Graders have had a great few weeks at Rohan Woods!

We enjoyed wearing our Halloween costumes to school, parading through the neighborhood, and celebrating with our classmates. We’ve spent time being positive, patient leaders by playing and making crafts with our Pre-K Buddies. We are looking forward to honoring our family members and friends that are Veterans.

    Here are some other things the Second Graders have been learning: 

    • Spelling words with digraphs sh, wr, tch, ch, and ck
    • Reading and sorting words according to their long vowel sound
    • Writing in complete sentences
    • Editing written work for capitals, ending marks, and grammatical errors
    • Listening to chapter books to enhance listening comprehension skills
    • Reading to find details
    • Using problem-solving strategies to help solve questions we may not know the answer to yet
    • Working in cooperative groups while completing team building exercises
    • Enjoying STEM activities with the Third Graders
    • Adding and subtracting with regrouping three-digit numbers
    • Solving multi-step word problems
    • Distinguishing between common and proper nouns

    Looking ahead:

    Monday, November 9 – Veterans Day Assembly

    Have a great three-day weekend!

    Meaghan Knobbe
    2nd Grade Teacher

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