Second Grade Students are off to an amazing start!

They are working hard, are respectful, and have great attitudes!

In honor of their hard work, they each received a desk succulent today.

First, we read, Nobody’s Mother is in Second Grade” by Robin Pulver. (Ask your child for a summary of the book!) We learned about cacti, succulents, and plants in general. We examined various plants in the building. Next, we learned about representational drawings. (Representational drawings are a big part of Project, so this was great practice for the class!)

After students made a representational drawing of their pots, they used special markers to decorate their pots. Next, I pulled sticks (to make it fair), and students picked their succulent from a tray. Students then planted their succulents and wrote about the process. They needed to include a lot of detail in their writing! If you happen to be in the building, feel free to check out their writing! They are posted in the Great Hall, next to the Second Grade classroom. 

This was a BIG deal to the Second Graders today! We talked about how the succulents are all different and unique, just like they are! 

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