Science Update

Students have been so busy learning new science in all of the classes at RWS! Here is a snapshot of what everyone has been up to…


  • read the Quirkles books Jazzy Jet, Kitchen Chemistry Kal, and Lindy Light.
  • experimented with how airplanes fly, making paper airplanes and testing them, making ice cream and observing the chemical reaction that occurs, and shadows. 


  • learned how to read and record temperature on a thermometer
  • studied different types of motion and experimented with marble track building materials to make examples of these motions
  • investigated the motions of pushing and pulling


  • took a rock walk around RWS to see how rocks are used on our campus
  • ​learned the difference between rocks and minerals and made their own “rocks” containing different “minerals”
  • conducted a fossil dig (using cookies as fossils) to simulate how scientists find fossils
  • learned about the 4 layers of Earth and made models of the Earth with these layers
  • used an apple to compare its layers to Earth’s layers
  • used chocolate to simulate the movements of Earth’s plates


  • learned about the properties of the 3 states of matter
  • experimented with objects in the different states of matter
  • reviewed the water cycle
  • took quiz on states of matter


  • used their stream table models to investigate and demonstrate:
  • erosion and depositions
  • aerial views of watersheds
  • tributaries


  • learned about Newton’s 3rd Law of motion and used balloon rockets to demonstrate the law
  • began construction on paper rockets that will be launched from an air pressure powered launcher


  • created models of plant and animal cells using model magic and various other classroom materials
  • took quiz over cells
  • started learning about Earth’s resources


  • worked on designing their own experiments
  • wrote all of the steps of their experiments (purpose, hypothesis, materials, procedure, and data table)
  • carried out their experiments

5th Health

  • investigated the concept of hygiene

6th Health

  • Continue to study the nervous system and started study of the cardiovascular system

Garden News 

  • We conducted the first harvest of our winter gardens and picked a TON of radishes.  Students enjoyed picking, cleaning, and eating the radishes.  As a special treat, we made radish chips.  Additionally, we covered two of our raised beds with low tunnels.
  • Plans are in place to begin work on designing and building a native garden this year. This is technically called a “Prairie Restoration” project. We are excited to see what types of wildlife our new garden can feed and how much water we can save by planting native plants. To help us better learn what we need to do with our new habitat, the Second Graders investigated the soil that we have where our garden will go.  They then used this information to determine what types of flowers and grasses will grow best in this sunny area full of clay soil.
  • As always, we continue to have a “Sustainability Star of the Week.” Please encourage your children to be good citizens of our Earth. They can do this by treating our Earth as they would a member of their family. It is my hope that they are all reducing, reusing, recycling, and rotting (composting) when away from the science lab. Every little bit helps!

Kim Breckenridge Science Specialist

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