Project Time!


So here at Rohan Woods we are focused on Project-Based Learning.  Each grade comes up with a topic of interest and will go on a journey of exploration and creation over the course of 6-8 weeks.  Third and Fourth Grade will be exploring “Games” as their topic of interest, and that includes types of games, the history of games, preparation, and also rules and instructions among other things.  Before we start, however, there are certain skills that we need to hone and refine.  Last week, the students worked on taking clear pictures that were relevant to their topic, and then how to upload them to their Google accounts.  It’s an important skill, and I was impressed to see that they took to it very quickly!

Up next is working on visual presentations.  The class will be making posters that contain information all about themselves, including (but not limited to) their favorite Movie/TV Show, their family, their favorite subject, and what they want to do when they get older.  Through this, they gain the skills of how to draw people’s attention with big, bright writing, planning ahead by sketching out a design, and adding other features to their posters to catch their audience’s eye.  

After the posters have been made, Third and Fourth Grade will give a presentation so that they can hone their public speaking skills.  It’s a lot to put together, but it’s great practice for when our Project culminates later in the Fall.  This is such an eager group, and there is no doubt they’ll have lots of fun with it!


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