Pre-Kindergarten September Update!

We have had a very busy and fun few weeks of school so far! These young friends have been quickly learning their new routines and are getting accustomed to school. I can tell they are very excited about what else is to come in Pre-Kindergarten!

We have spent the last few weeks really going over our schedules, transitions, and what is expected of a good Pre-Kindergarten friend at Rohan Woods. We introduced our classroom jobs and students have been watching the modeling for these certain roles. Some jobs include Messenger, Weather Reporter, Line Leader, Calendar Helper, and Snack Helper. The kids take these jobs quite seriously.  I am already very proud of their willingness to help and their hard work! We also spent a lot of time talking about our first theme, All About Me! Pre-K students were interviewed by Ms. Kittler. They shared about their families and their favorite things. We also have been reading lots of books about our five senses and what makes us the same and different! We practiced our counting by making a graph that represented how many letters are in our names! Additionally, we went hunting for letters in our Sensory Table that was full of beans! I can’t wait to see what else these learners do this year!

Pre-K students have loved getting to know their Buddies in 2nd Grade. They have really enjoyed playing with them and doing fun projects and activities! The second graders have been such awesome role models to us! We have also really enjoyed our special time to play with our EC and JK friends during the day.

Please mark your calendar on Thursday, September 13th! It is our Curriculum Night for parents to attend. I will be talking about a typical day in Pre-Kindergarten and what students will be learning this year!


Jessica Kittler


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