Pre-Kindergarten is learning about apples

What fun Pre-Kindergarten has had these past weeks. Pre-K loved learning about pumpkins and Halloween. They are progressing smoothly through the math concepts of shapes and number recognition. 

Pre-Kindergarten is learning about pumpkins:

  • We learned parts of a pumpkin
  • We learned the multiple uses for pumpkins
  • We made pumpkin pie

    Pre-Kindergarten is learning about Halloween:

    • We made multiple crafts for Halloween
    • We read many Halloween books, including Spookley
    • We walked in the Halloween parade at school

    Other things we are working on in the classroom:

    • Identifying various letters
    • Counting and recognizing numbers 1-10
    • Using kind words with our peers
    • Identifying shapes

    Things to work on at home: 

    • Using kind words
    • Sharing
    • Name recognition
    • Counting to 10
    • Shapes
    • Number recognition

    Upcoming Events:

    • November 9 – Veterans Day Assembly
    • November 25-27 – No School

    Have a fabulous day!

    Margaret Moore
    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

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