Pre-K November Update

I cannot believe November is already here! Our Pre-Kindergarten friends had a fabulous Halloween filled with treats, games, costumes, and fun. We also had Grandparents’ Day this October, a visit from Glendale firefighters to talk about fire safety, the Scholastic Book Fair, and an author visitor who read us her new book!  

Pre-Kindergartners have been practicing their counting and numbers quite a bit! During calendar time, we have been focusing on the days of the week and using words like today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Pre-Kindergarten friends also learned about the four seasons, but we concentrated on fall. We talked about how leaves change color and things we might find outside during the season. Our students also are enjoying learning about the five senses and how we utilize all of them each day.

We also have been practicing our letters and reading lots of books. Pre-Kindergarteners have been thinking about what might happen next in a story, how a character might be feeling, and what the solution was to the problem.

I am amazed by how much our Pre-K friends are developing and I am excited to see them continue to grow these next couple of months. Pre-Kindergarteners can’t wait to show off our classroom and our activities at our Open House on Tuesday, November 6th from 9-11 AM. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Jessica Kittler 



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