Physical Education November news

Students are playing team handball and learning new fitness skills!

Students have begun their team handball unit. They’re working on throwing, passing, and catching. They are also working on shooting the handball ball into the goal past a goalie as well as dribbling skills. They’re doing dribbling drills which work on low, medium and high level dribbling while maintaining ball control and keeping their heads up. Lower grade students are working on scooters and pathways.  Games on the scooters include “Scooter Treasure Hunt” and “Scooter Pinball”. All grades also got to take a few days to play some Halloween themed P.E. games which tied in fitness skills. Games included “Witches Hat Tag”, “Ghost and the Gravestone”, and “Pumpkin Patch Races”. Students had a spooky fun time! Other upcoming fall activities include lacrosse and some international games such as Tchoukball. 


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