PE January

January is an exciting month in PE as we begin our floor hockey unit. Students enjoy the speed and fast action of the game. 

Skill development includes stick handling, passing, shooting, face-offs, game rules and team concepts. Older students take turns suiting up to play goalie, and teams are encouraged to create their own plays based on their strengths. 

Younger students play story based games such as "Mouse In the House" to develop the strength and feel for using a long implement.  

A favorite cross curricular activity is Build A City. Students use various pieces of PE equipment to construct a city. They plan for tall buildings, bridges, homes, parks, stores, and playgrounds. After creating and naming their city, they use a hockey stick to drive their car (ball) around, across and under the structures. Students assess and modify the city as needed. Using teamwork, creativity, spatial and problem solving skills, students are challenged to be innovative as they construct their megacity.

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