PE April

Ready, set, go!

With spring weather we split our time indoors working on volleyball skills, and we also venture outdoors for track and field events. Volleyball skills include serving, passing, spiking and communication.

In track and field, our upper classes will work on distance and speed running, as well as long jump, high jump and distance throwing (tennis balls, softballs, Frisbees). Through video analysis we will evaluate, strategize, and implement personal plans for improvement. All students  learn running form, and they build endurance through a series of fun running games and challenges. Favorite games include “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and “Secret Spy”. Both games require group strategy, evasive skills and speed. Most students don’t realize the amount running involved with such fun and sneaky games. Our young students will explore high jumping and broad jumping, as well as short races and relays.  They will use their imagination as “Superman”, “billy goats” and “frogs” invade the gymnasium, performing their best jumps and leaps. 

Our athletics program will conclude with several track meets for students in third through Middle School. We will travel to host schools to enjoy friendly competition and the opportunity for our children to learn how to work within a team, as well as take pride in their individual skills.

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