P.E. news December

Physical Education students learn how to roller skate for lifetime health and wellness!

Students in Senior Kindergarten through 6th grade spent three weeks in December roller skating in the gym during P.E. class. Students learned skills such as balance, stride, forwards, backwards, crossovers and safety.  Students worked their way towards doing activities on the roller skates such as limbo, four corners, relays, and skating with their buddy class. Roller skating was done through a program called Skatetime.  Students did an excellent job progressing from skating on mats and rugs to moving on the gym floor while increasing their speed and building their confidence.  Skating is great for cardio-vascular health and is an excellent lifetime fitness activity the students can take with them at older ages as well as do outside of school.  In the month of December pre-school classes worked on cooperative learning games as well as playing tag games. Tag games help with cardio-vascular endurance as well as skills of chasing, dodging and fleeing.  Some of the favorite tag games played include “Pizza Tag” and “Ships and Icebergs.” 

Mr. Sias

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