October Update

Students in Middle School have been very busy this past month.  We began our Buddy Activities with the Junior Kindergarteners when the older Buddies helped their younger Buddies make a book about themselves.  We also took them to the Library for the first time!  

In Project, our goal was to choose and outline a topic with enough depth and interest to carry us for the next couple months.  Students began by brainstorming with their fellow group mates.  Once a topic was chosen, the group began to web the topic.  They were encouraged to include all they knew about the topic, all they wanted to know, and all of the many layers and components to the topic.

Once that step was complete, the different groups traveled to their classmates’ groups and added to each other’s topic webs.  Students then studied the results and presented to the class their ideas and pitched their topic. 

Stay tuned to see what we decided!


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