October Update

The EC class had tons of fun this October!!

The themes for the month were: colors, shapes, and Halloween.  The class learned about colors by doing different color projects, mixing colors in paint, going on color hunts, listening to different color books and discussing what colors we were wearing each day.  Everyone's favorite book was Mouse Paint.  It is about three mice hiding from the cat on white paper.  We did a color mixing activity after reading the book by mixing colors using our hands; it was messy but fun!  

For our shape theme, we did many shape projects, went on a shape hunt in the room, and listened to many shape books.  The favorite book was The Shape Of Things.  It was about how a shape is just a shape until you add more to it then it becomes something else.  It was fun and made us look at different items in the room in a different way.  

For the Halloween theme, everyone's favorite book was called Big Pumpkin.  It is about a witch who tries to get a pumpkin off the vine but can't.  A mummy, ghost, and vampire all try as well but are unable to get the pumpkin off the vine.  Finally a bat comes along and suggests they try something different: working together.  They finally get the pumpkin off the vine and the witch makes pumpkin pie.  It was so much fun that we got to act it out in PE!  

Now we begin our fall theme.  We will be talking about the changes fall brings and different things we see in the fall that we don't see in the summer.  

Miss Sullivan

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