October Fun

First Graders are exploring many new things this year! Our class is "Wild about First Grade" in our safari-themed classroom! 


First Graders are working on teamwork and responsibility. Every week, students rotate "Safari Helper" jobs (Safari Messenger, Student Teacher, Lunch Helper/Greeter, Snack Helper, Safari Leader, Classroom Custodian and Jungle Monitor). They are doing such a fabulous job taking pride and ownership in both having a job and ensuring our classroom is a safe and fun learning zone! Students are also responsible for our classroom plants. 

In reading, students are working with short-vowel sounds. Our reading unit is Our Neighborhood at Work. With this unit, students are inviting Neighborhood Workers and Community Helpers into our classroom! Students generate questions and interview our classroom guests, in order to create our "Rohan Woods Community Helpers" class book. Students are working on generating meaningful questions, making predictions, and increasing their vocabulary. 

In math, students are working on creating number bonds. With Singapore Math, students are currently using hands-on experiences to add numbers within 20. Students are also using math to keep track of our "Safari Adventure Points". Students must remember how many points their class has, as well as how many more points they need to earn their extra recess and Show & Tell each week! 

In Social Studies, our classroom is focusing on the 50 different states and the 7 continents. We are learning about the world around us through a Postcard Exchange. Students are collecting postcards from around the United States of America, as well as the world. When the class receives  a new postcard, we add a new push pin to our map, add the postcard to our scrapbook, research the location and then write about it in our "It's a small world after all!" journals! Students are diligently working on adding "juicy details" and punctuation to their writing, in order to make it fun and interesting for other people to read. 

Our school mascot, Archie the Eagle, is being sent home with one student every weekend. The student who is picked brings home Archie, a Rohan Woods School backpack to keep him in, and an "Adventures with Archie" class journal. Students write about their weekend with Archie at home. They are focusing on writing the name, date, title, and using "juicy words" in their writing. Students then return Archie on Monday and practice their public speaking by talking about their adventures that they took with Archie to their class. 

First Graders are excited to see what else is in store for the year! 

Happy Fall!

Ms. Coleman

First Grade Teacher 

Rohan Woods School 

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