October 2018

Students at Rohan Woods School have been very busy in the science lab lately…


  • read the Quirkles books Friction FredGilbert Gas, and Hallie Heat
  • experimented with the effect of friction on rolling balls when using different surfaces
  • observed chemical reactions that create gas
  • participated in weekly beehive checks


  • observed mealworm anatomy and experimented to find mealworm animal adaptations
  • studied and discussed animal adaptations and how they help animals to survive and thrive
  • observed Young, a canine police officer with the SLMPD’s explosive’s unit, and how his adaptations make him suited for his job
  • participated in weekly beehive checks


  • continued to study the three main parts of soil (clay, sand, and humus)
  • conducted experiments on these soil parts to determine how they feel, look, change when wet, change when shaken and left in water, and what happens if you try to roll them into a ball
  • participated in weekly beehive checks


  • observed plant parts in the garden
  • studied and acted out the path water takes as it travels in a plant
  • learned about photosynthesis
  • observed flowers and their job
  • participated in weekly beehive checks


  • started land and water interactions unit
  • used stream tables to experiment with modeling the water cycle and modeling rain on land
  • participated in weekly beehive checks


  • studied the main organelles found in plant and animal cells
  • observed plant and animal cells in the microscope and created detailed drawings of the cells
  • started work on 3-D cell models
  • participated in weekly beehive checks


  • reviewed graphing in preparation for analyzing lab work
  • experimented with the importance of accounting for variables and controls in an experiment
  • started designing their own experiments to allow them to practice the scientific method
  • participated in weekly beehive checks

5th Health

  • ​continued their study of nutrition

6th Health

  • continued study of the skeletal system

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