October 2016

Students have been very busy in science class at Rohan Woods….


  • Read the Quirkles books Density DanEllie Electricity, and Friction Fred to investigate and experiment with the concepts of density, friction, and electricity


  • Studied meal worm life cycle, anatomy, and reactions to various stimuli

  • Investigated animal adaptations


  • Experimented with the different parts of soil to learn their properties

  • Used touch, sound, smell, wetness, smear, and what it does in water to investigate each part of soil

  • Used knowledge gained during the practice tests to determine what their "mystery soil" mixture was


  • Identified the different parts of a flower
  • Dissected a flower
  • Learned the ways seeds are dispersed and played a game to illustrate this concept
  • Studied the three types of fruit and dissected them to count how many seeds they have
  • Visited Shaw Nature Reserve to study and investigate prairies


  • Learned about mixtures and solutions
  • Conducted various tests to observe the difference between a mixture and a solution
  • Experimented with various ways to dissolve a solute in a solvent
  • Experimented with various ways to separate mixtures and solutions
  • Reviewed for quiz on metric, mixtures, and solutions 


  • Researched a planet and created a newspaper to highlight some of the notable information about that planet
  • Studied and experimented with the Earth-Moon-Sun interactions
  • Started study of the different moon phases

Middle School

  • Prepared presentation about one of the activities they did at the Huntsman Marine Science Center
  • Presented their Huntsman presentation to the school community and parents
  • Investigated the difference between living and non-living things
  • Identified an animal and a plant cell
  • Learned and identified the organelles in a cell
  • Studied cell theory
  • Viewed plant and animal cells in a microscope and made scientific drawings of what they saw

Middle School Health

  • Identified human biological taste preferences
  • Investigated the concept of how to maintain a proper energy balance


  • Radishes were planted and are currently growing
  • A Big thank you goes out to the Suelthaus Family and Kingbridge Homes for constructing our garden shed!

    Mrs. Breckenridge


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