November Update

Happy autumn! 

Students at Rohan Woods School are as busy as can be during the weeks leading up to all the holiday seasons!  In Language Arts, students continue to practice their writing on a daily basis through journal, creative, and expository writing. 

In Social Studies, students have studied the early civilizations of the Assyrians, the Babylonians and the Phoenicians and have begin to draft their theses related to technology helping civilization develop in the Fertile Crescent. 


Students have also begun their research for our Project and are ready to dive into the many facets of our chosen subject.  We can’t wait to see where the students take themselves into the exciting world of Legos! 

And amid all of these academic wonders, swirl the host of activities in fall!  Students had a wonderful time celebrating Grandparents’ Day and Halloween this past month..and we look forward to all the activity to come! 


Ms. Mudd


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