November Physical Education News

Students are learning to roller skating for cardio-vascular fitness and lifetime wellness through the Skatetime program!

Students in Physical Education class have begun their roller skating unit. Students are roller skating through the Skatetime Skating in School Program. Roller skating helps develop cardio-vascular fitness, as well as, learning a lifetime health and wellness activity.  The skills students are currently working on during roller skating include safety, balance, skating stride, turning and stopping.  Many students are new to roller skating which makes for a great new activity to benefit students in promoting a healthy lifestyle through physical activity participation.  Students will spend three weeks skating leading up to some games and activities on the roller skates such as four corners, limbo, and relays.  Students in EC, PK, and JK are continuing to play throwing games to develop proper technique and form. Students are playing target throwing games with Oscar the Grouch being their favorite throwing game. In lunch league, students are playing Team Handball with international rules that include dribbling to help develop their ball handling skills. 

Mr. Sias

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