November Art Update 2018

During the month of November classes will begin exploring various cultures and journey to continents around the world. As students continue to improve their critiquing and observational skills, they are applying the Elements and Principles of art and design to their own creations. It is encouraging to hear the students expressing their love of art through journal activities and group discussions.

Juniors, Seniors and First Grade will be introduced to the Native American culture and listen to authentic music and folk tales.

Did you ever wonder why Masks are so important to the people of Africa? Ask any Second Grader and they can tell you.  Students will investigate various African Artifacts and take notes in their sketchbooks. These discoveries will then be reported to the class during a group discussion. The Second Graders will complete these colorful masks with pastels working on their blending techniques. 

Third/Fourth Graders will create Dream-catchers and learn about the traditions and culture of the Ojibwe.

Fifth Graders begin their unit on Hopi Kachinas. Each student will write a story about their Kachina and the lesson it teaches children. They will then design and sculpt Kachinas from traditional Clay. This unit will be enjoyed by all, as the Fifth Graders will go from class to class to present their Kachinas and read their stories to the students at Rohan Woods. 

The Cuna Indians of the San Blas Islands will be the focus for Sixth Grade. They are creating beautifully colorful reproductions of traditional Molas. A Mola is made of many rectangular pieces of fabric of different colors sewn together. Each layer of fabric is carefully cut and stitched by hand to allow different colors to show through. Molas depict many things- nature, animals, flowers and daily life. Once their initial sketch is created the Sixth Graders will delicately cut colorful construction paper to make their Mola come to life.

Traditions and celebrations are something we all have experienced no matter where we live or our background. It is wonderful listening to the memories you have made with your families and the joy the children express sharing them with us.

Jennifer Burkert
Art Specialist

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