November 2018

Students have been very busy in the science lab at RWS…


  • ​students studied the concepts of density, electricity, friction, and gas
  • students explored concepts by conducting hands-on experiments


  • studied animal communication by experimenting with mealworms
  • learned about various animal adaptations and created a unique animal with its own special adaptation


  • observed the different parts of soil (clay, sand, humus)
  • learned how to test what soil is made of by doing simple tests (shake, smear, ball, magnifying glass)


  • explored how plants germinate
  • learned the jobs of each plant part
  • dissected flower to discover the parts of a flower
  • re-created the path water takes as it travels through a plant
  • learned what plants need to carry out photosynthesis


  • worked on creating newspapers about a planet in our solar system


  • used microscopes to observe and draw plant and animal cells
  • explored organelles in plant and animal cells and created animal and plant cell models


  • explored the steps of the scientific method in depth
  • created, designed, and wrote their own unique experiments

5th Health

  • continued to study nutrition

6th Health

  • continued to study the skeletal system
  • started study of muscular system

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