November 2018

The Second Graders had an amazing month! They learned about Fire Prevention Safety, celebrated Grandparent’s Day, and enjoyed Halloween festivities at school. On top of all the fun they had, there was also a lot of learning!    

Here are some things the Second Graders learned this month:

  • Spelling words with long vowels, using various spelling strategies
  • Building stamina in how long they can write
  • Applying spelling and grammar skills learned to their daily writing
  • Editing work for errors
  • Reading with more expression in their voice
  • Listening to audio books to enhance auditory comprehension skills
  • Making logical predictions
  • Reading for details, main ideas, problems, and solutions
  • Using bar models to solve one and two-step word problems
  • Understanding multiplication and division
  • Skip counting to multiply with more fluency
  • Using an atlas and maps to learn USA geography

We hope to see you at our Open House on Tuesday, November 6 from 9-11 am. Come see all of the amazing things going on at Rohan Woods School firsthand!


Meaghan Knobbe

Second Grade Teacher


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