November 2018

October was full of excitement and learning!  Middle School students worked together to prepare for the end of first trimester on November 9th.  They have been using their critical reading skills to research our current Project, Single Stream Recycling.  Working in groups, students have been learning more about recycling including: which local cities offer it, what happens in sorting centers, what type of technology is used to sort recycling, what are the problems with single stream recycling, what is the future of this process, what are people doing wrong in recycling, how does recycling help our planet, what can we do better, etc.

We were fortunate to have expert presenters visit our class to give tell us more and answer our questions.  One was from Waste Management and the others were from Scott Air Force Base.  Students have a lot of new information to continue working towards culmination where they will share what they have learned with our school community.

Congratulations to all students for demonstrating growth during first trimester of this school year.  They are well on their way to becoming leaders and contributing members of their communities.  Way to go!

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