November 2017

Middle School students were very busy in November learning all about Legos for their project research.  Using all academic areas, students have been studying the history, economy, retail, interest, social aspects and movement of the company.  Students are excited for the upcoming field trip to the Lego Store and Magic House Lego exhibit to conduct more research. 

The short weeks between holiday breaks are a great opportunity to work on brief reading assignments.  In addition to the regular non-fiction reading selections, the students had the opportunity to practice their theatrical reading skills through Readers’ Theater.  Students completed two skits: a humorous Thanksgiving one and a more traditional tale of The Christmas Carol.

In math, students continue to work on problem solving skills while having fun solving some holiday themed word problems.  Fifth graders continued their study of area and Sixth Graders worked with fractions, decimals and percents.

Mrs. Broll 

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