November 2016

Students have been very busy in science class at Rohan Woods….


  • students worked in the garden to harvest radishes they planted from seed in September
  • read the book "Tops and Bottoms" to learn the difference between plants that are "tops" and plants that are "bottoms"
  • investigated gas by reading "Gilbert Gas" and then experimented with gas by making a balloon blow up without using our mouths or air


  • after investigating different animal adaptations or "creature powers", students created their own super animal
  • students illustrated their animals and dictated a short synopsis of the creature powers of their animal
  • studied and experimented with the animal adaptation of camouflage


  • students collected soil samples from the RWS campus
  • tested the soil to make conclusions about what the RWS soil is composed of
  • started learning about rocks and their importance in our lives
  • investigated rocks by looking at specific properties that the rocks possess


  • took a quiz about plants
  • collected and tested the soil in their prairie space in the garden to find out what type of soil we have
  • researched plants that will grow and thrive in clay soil
  • started study of the states of matter
  • investigated solids, liquids, and gases
  • reviewed the water cycle
  • experimented with water in the three different states


  • started unit on land and water interactions
  • began carrying out experiments in their stream tables
  • investigated and created the water cycle in the stream table
  • experimented with how rain impacts land
  • experimented on how the source of a stream begins


  • experimented with the effect of the positions of the Earth, moon, and sun
  • created the different moon phases using Oreo's as models
  • took a quiz about light and space
  • started investigation on rockets

Middle School

  • created 3D models of plant and animal cells using model magic and various other materials
  • took quiz over cells
  • began unit on Earth's resources
  • investigated water on Earth
  • experimented with pollution in water and oil spill clean up

Middle School Health

  • investigated fat and sugar in food and how we can make better food choices
  • revisited the five food groups and how many servings of each we need a day


  • harvested our abundance of radishes
  • made and ate our yummy radish cake (think carrot cake, but substitute radishes for carrots)
  • covered our two winter garden beds with low tunnels for the winter

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