Music Composers at Rohan Woods

Young composers are writing their own melodies in music class and discovering how to notate and perform their masterpieces!

There are seven unaltered tones in the musical alphabet that make up the musical scale.  When two tones are removed (namely the fourth and the seventh) the result is a pentatonic scale (penta meaning five and tonic meaning tones in simplified terms).  

All classes are taking turns at creating a pentatonic melody following a strict set of rules on composing.   Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Graders are each composing an individual piece of music which, when performed together, will create harmonies as well as contrasting rhythms.  Every composer will hear their work of art performed for the class.

In the process we are learning how to use notation to communicate musical ideas and learning to identify notes, time signatures, measures, rests, and repeat signs along with many other symbols of music.  Below is a photo of one of our sixth grader’s masterpieces.  

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