Music Class Update

When do ribbons become butterflies? Answer: when kindergarten classes make them move to the beats and tempo changes of the Hungarian Dance by Johannes Brahms!

1st and 2nd Graders often get the chance to perform for their peers! In this photo, a student is performing a piece on guitar called “E-mail!”

What happens after Grandparents’ Day? Answer: Veterans Day – with a special performance by First through Sixth Grades for our honored Veterans on Monday, November 12 at our all school morning assembly! Also – kids are preparing special vocal and instrumental pieces for our Winter Program on December 10th at Rohan Woods School. Call the office for details!

This student is developing his mallet skills on the bass xylophone!



Each performer must learn their parts!

The music never stops at Rohan Woods!  



Ukulele, guitar, and voice lessons will continue after school each day.  If interested please email me ( or or call at 314-803-6519.

Paul Deming
Music Specialist
School: 314-821-6270  Ext. 229
Mobile: 314- 803-6519

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