Middle School Weekly Update

Welcome back!

Our middle school students have worked hard these past two weeks to learn the fundamental basics of their classroom and our new Middle School model.  It is such a joy to see them busy, smiling, and engaged all throughout the day!

In just two short weeks, we have begun our Unit on Colonial America, and have set up the beginnings of the project which goes along with it.  In English, the middle school students prepare for a program centered around a “flipped” classroom.  In a flipped classroom, the students analyze and interpret the introductory information to a concept at home.  They have the opportunity to process the burgeoning concept independently.  Then, once back in class, we process our findings, discuss, and complete what would traditionally be the “homework” piece in class.  It is certainly a new idea for these guys, but they are up to the challenge!

We are so happy to have our students back in the classroom and look forward to an new year filled with amazing discoveries!



September 5: Labor Day/No School/No childcare

September 6-11: Middle School Huntsman Trip

September 7: Early Dismissal 2p

September 15: Picture Day 8a.


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