Middle School October Update

Welcome to October!

Rohan Woods School has welcomed fall with a flurry of activity.  In the beginning of the month, our middle schoolers traveled to Maine, and then on to New Brunswick, Canada to study marine biology at the Huntsman Marine Science Center.


While there, students learned about echinoderms (urchins, sea stars, sponges, etc).  They studied seals, went whale watching, and learned about bird banding and other types of tools scientists use the track and care for wildlife in and around the Bay of Fundy.

Back in the classroom, students began to take their knowledge, and their desire to make a difference in the world and have created their Project plan.  During Project Time, students are beginning to collaborate.  They have begun to discuss and accumulate the information needed for their Project ideas.

As we head into October, students will continue to use all of their skills across the curriculum to expand their thinking, research, collaborate, and extend their project.  More to come!


October 5:  Early dismissal, 2p

October 7:  Conferences/No school/Child care available

October 21: Grandparent's Day/Scholastic Book Fair

October 29: Trunk-or-Treat 5-8p

October 31: Halloween Parade 8:15a/Classroom parties


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